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Begleiter sind keiner Klasse zugewiesen

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Wenn man ein gro├čer Segen auf ein Pet gebufft wird, wird der Segen nicht der entsprechenden Klasse gebufft und umgekehrt.


example- I give everyone in raid buffs. Warlock got Greater Blessing of Salvation from me. Then I give Pets Greater Blessing of Might.
Warlock says, "Why do I have Might now instead of Salvation?".

Pallystrike - Very simply set your unit frames to display class colours. You will see that each pet has a class assigned to it and will receive the class blessing with the rest. I've tested this many times. Do not set an over-riding pet buff in pallypower - it doesn't work and will overwrite player classbuffs if they are in the same class as whichever pet is getting buffed. The greater blessing buffs everything of the same class including pets

- Greater blessings cast on warlocks will also affect their demons, except the Felguard. Felguard and hunter pets get the greater blessings cast on Warriors instead. Phase shifted imps do NOT receive buffs.

Then finally there are pets. For the purposes of the Greater Blessings, pets are mapped onto one of the player classes. You may have an owl or pig that buffs as a warrior while your cat is treated as a rogue, etc. I've never really found a way to tell other than casting a blessing on them and seeing who else is affected. The bottom line is you may end up accidentally overwriting a player's buffs when buffing someone's pet.

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